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풀리지 않는 고민이 있다.

이것은 난잡하게 쌓여, 자꾸만 높아지는 베개가 된다.

아버지는 이것을 베고 주무신다.

어느 날, 고민이 사라지면 베게도 사라진다.

그러면 갑자기 낮아진 머리의 위치 탓에 습관적으로 고민거리를 찾아 베게 만드는 일을 다시 한다.

베개와 그 주인의 은밀한 관계를 머리카락은 기억한다.

그런 점에서 머리카락은 고민의 증인이며 베개의 농밀한 목격자이다. 머리카락은 자세히 바라볼수록 자신이 아는 것을 이야기해준다.

 그래서 물어볼 수 있었다.


아버지는 어떤 잠을 주무셨나요

There is an unsolvable concern.

It keeps building up in a messy pile into a heightening pillow. Father sleeps on it.

One day when the concern disappears, the pillow also goes. Then, because of the suddenly lowered head position, he Habitually seeks out concerns and starts building the pillow. His hair remembers the secret relationship between the pillow and its owner. In that sense, his hair was a witness to the concern, and a close attestation to the pillow. His hair tells of what it knows, the closer we look. So i could ask,

Father, what kind of sleep did you sleep.