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균형은 정지된 것이 아니라, 적당한 시간적 안배를 하는 것이다.

​자식이 되기도 하다가 부모가 되기도 하고, 선배가 되었다가 후배가 되기도 한다. 어떤 것에는 길고 좁게 머물고, 어떤 것에는 무겁게 오래 머물기도 해야 한다.

Balance is not something that is suspended.

Is is to allocate time in a moderate manner.

A person becomes a child of his parents then a parent of his child. He sometimes becomes a senior then a junior in school. One has to stay long and narrow on certain things. One also has to stay heavy and old on other things.