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Encountering a forgotten individual’s narrative in a fragmented life

Fatigue Always Comes With A Dream / Four Friends Reunited After A Long While Since College And Went Around, Searching For A Tasty Place To Eat/ How Has The Father's Sleep Even For The Week

The titles of Yang Jung Uk ’s works, which may appear mundane and somewhat romantic, reflect his warm and sympathetic perspective towards the world. Yang is inspired by the ordinary lives that he observes on a daily basis, such as the circumstances of people who are worn out from work; the feeling of solidarity when one sees an old friend after a long time; and the chance glimpse of one’s father’s appearance from behind. Fatigue Always Comes With A Dream(2013)

Presents a portrait of an exhausted individual who has been swallowed by the stream of life. Yang witnessed an elderly security guard who had dosed off due to fatigue, an image that calls for empathy from the viewer and the artist. Pieces of wood are tied to each other with string, forming a wooden sculpture that measure approximately three meters in height and more than two meters in width. This egg-shaped sculpture has its own movement and sound; plastic bottles hang along it’s round shape, and at regular and irregular intervals hit pieces of wood located beside them. These elements are orchestrated to create a collective harmony of sound; a light is suspended inside the structure from its top, and moves steadily. The light projects onto the wall and creates shadows that move, almost as if they were nodding off. They serve not as illusions, but rather amplify each movement of the structure, as if they were magnifying each individual’s disrupted life. 

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